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Car Cruz Results


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Class 1

Pre-1950 Original Car

1st Place - Ronda Raper, Comanche, OK

2nd Place - David Acosta, Wichita Falls, TX

Class 3

1960-1969 Original Car

1st Place - Gary May, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Glenn Depalmer, Lawton, OK

Class 5

1986-Present Original Car

1st Place - Eric Barmettler, Cache, OK

Class 7

1950-1959 Modified Car

1st Place - Rob Bedford, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Eric Hancock, Duncan, OK

Class 9

1970-1985 Modified Car

1st Place - Jessica Putman, Lawton, OK

Class 13

1964-2000 Mustangs

1st Place - Eric Woods, Temple, OK

2nd Place - Kent Harmon, Loco, OK

Class 15

1968-72 Original Muscle Car

1st Place - Merritt Pike, Lawton, OK

Class 17


1st Place - Chaz Borden, Walters, OK

2nd Place - Andy Lopez, Lawton, OK

Class 21

1950-1972 Original Truck

1st Place - Jimmy Rogenbock, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Billy Ray Pickens, Lawton, OK

Class 25

1950-1972 Modified Truck

1st Place - Terry Maxwell, Burkburnett, TX

2nd Place - Jeffrey Kern, Cache, OK

Class 28

Special Interest

1st Place - Bill Crouch, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Jeremy Robbins, Apache, OK

Class 31

Motorcycle Sport

1st Place - Michael Payette, Temple, OK

Class 2

1950-1959 Original Car

1st Place - JC Humpriss, Jr., Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Kenneth Klein, Lawton, OK

Class 4

1970-1985 Original Car

1st Place - Stefano Jakubiszyn, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Angel Bowels, Waurika, OK

Class 6

Pre-1950 Modified Car

1st Place - Ruben Rodriguez, Wichita Falls, TX

2nd Place - Claude Edwards, Lawton, OK

Class 8

1960-1969 Modified Car

1st Place - Sam Elam, Comanche, OK

2nd Place - Mike Johnson, Lawton, OK

Class 11

Street Rods

1st Place - Eddie Akers, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Mary Hutton, Marlow, OK

Class 14

2001-Present Mustangs

1st Place - Sandy Kern, Cache, OK

2nd Place - Kelly Garcia, Walters, OK

Class 16

1968-72 Modified Muscle Car

1st Place - Vernon Dunn, Loco, OK

2nd Place - James Pennington, Walters, OK

Class 18


1st Place - Joe Castillo, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Jesse Buscay, Temple, OK

Class 22

1973-1989 Original Truck

1st Place - James Farris, Walters, OK

2nd Place - Bryce Ayers, Muskogee, OK

Class 26

1973-1989 Modified Truck

1st Place - James Farris, Walters, OK

Class 29

Under Construction

1st Place - Tina Young, Lawton, OK

2nd Place - Tammy Hartman, Walters, OK

Class 32


1st Place - Cecil Sims, Walters, OK

Walters Car Cruz is organized by the Walters Chamber of Commerce.


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