1. Are a part of a like-minded group dedicated to helping businesses.

  2. Advise the chamber of the needs of your particular industry.

  3. Can shape the future of education in your area by working with the leaders in business, government and education.

  4. Will be made aware of legislative issues facing your business. There’s a lot that goes on in the local, state and federal levels, too much for the average business owner to track on their own. The chamber will help keep you informed about issues that could affect you like taxation, legalization, and permitting issues.

  5. Can be informed about changing trends in marketing and social media. These areas and practices seem to change on nearly a daily basis. Most chambers offer some sort of programming or committee that can help provide the assistance you need to stay on top of these important concepts.

  6. May be a part of free “How To’s” and other learning session topics to help your business like workplace safety or taxation.

  7. Might be able to lead a session in your area of expertise to better position yourself as an industry expert and put you in contact with the types of people who need your business or service.

  8. Might be a part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Chambers may also help with other special business milestones like anniversaries and expansions.

  9. Can be part of their shop local campaigns.

  10. May be on the receiving end of some of the chamber’s web traffic as an online banner sponsor or being listed on their site in some capacity.

  11. Can be a part of the chamber directory. Some chambers have online, printed, or both forms of online directories that may help your business get more traffic and customers.

  12. Will benefit from the chamber being a resource for the community. If you’d like help connecting to a certain part or person within the community, the chamber may just be able to help.

  13. Access to online resources.

  14. Show pride in your Walters and Cotton County.

  15. Be part of the solution.

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