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Must-Read Tips for New Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


Learning how to be the best entrepreneur or business owner you can be is a process. Business is ever-evolving, and to stay successful requires you to be adaptable and to adopt a mindset of lifelong learning. That said, there are some best practices to keep in mind as a budding entrepreneur that can help you no matter what industry you’re in. From working a day job to joining the Walters Chamber, here are a few examples:


Run with your passions.


Loving what you do is critical when it comes to running a business. There will always be challenges and obstacles, and you are likely to go through difficult times. Even though having passion itself is not enough to run a successful business, it will provide you with the motivation you need to persevere.


Consider what you love to do, and figure out if you can make money doing it. Do you love skincare products? Research the market to figure out if you can craft your own products or open a store that sells existing high-quality products. Do you love teaching and helping individuals or organizations solve problems? Starting a consulting business might be the ideal path.


Keep your day job.


If you are passionate about starting a business, you may be ready to dive in headfirst. However, if possible, keep working your day job while you build your business idea. Too much pressure on your idea in the early stages can lead to desperate and poor decisions. Maintaining your job will provide financial stability and allow you to grow your business idea organically so that you don’t have to go into significant debt and/or become overwhelmed by your workload.


Make it easy to get paid.


This one might sound obvious, but your business won’t survive long if you’re not getting paid for the work you do. And a lot of new entrepreneurs struggle in this area. That’s why it’s wise to make payments easy for yourself and your clients or customers. One great way to do this is by utilizing a free invoice generator that allows you to bill clients on time and receive payments quickly. Keep in mind too that invoice generators can provide you with several benefits:


  • Customers can pay anywhere at any time with smart invoicing.

  • There are plenty of free and inexpensive templates to choose from.

  • There are invoice systems that can work seamlessly with your accounting software.

  • You can customize templates to meet your specific needs.


Network on the reg.


Every successful entrepreneur takes networking seriously. Meeting professionals, teachers, mentors, and other individuals in the community can open doors you never would have imagined before. Not only does networking provide you with the opportunity to meet potential business partners, team members, and clients, but it can also expose you to a world of business ideas that you otherwise would not have access to.


Start building your presence on social media, and look for industry networking events that you can attend. Join your local chamber of commerce. For example, being a member of the Walters Chamber is a wonderful way to meet other individuals in your industry, gain access to various resources, and much more.


Learn your target market.


If you want your product or service to sell consistently, you need to understand your target clients and/or customers. Learn how to perform a target market analysis. Keep up to date with the latest industry trends, and learn how other businesses in the industry are maintaining success. Moreover, listen to your customers — incorporate surveys into your regular operations, and always remain open to feedback and inquiries.


While everyone’s journey is unique, there are general practices that can help all entrepreneurs catch long-term success. Consider the tips mentioned here, and figure out how you can work them into your routine. Remember to always remain eager to learn and adapt as the times change.


If you would like to make professional connections and learn more about the business support available in Walters, OK and Cotton County, join the Walters Chamber today!